Doug teaches specialty workshops around the globe.


Some of his most requested workshop titles:

• Competition Movement & Presentation

• Styling & Footwork

• Musicality Through Styling

• Mini Connection Intensive

• Timing, Teamwork, & Technique

• Macro & Micro Lead/Follow

• Mini Routine Intensive

• Playtime, Hijacks, & Styling for Followers  (& How To Listen as a Leader)

• Social Spins & Turns

• Musicality Plus

• Competition Prep

• Carolina Shag Basics & Beyond

• Carolina Shag Footwork for West Coast Swing

• Go Tuck Yourself: Tuck Turns & Beyond

• All About the AB Philosophy


Teaching example of Key Leads in West Coast Swing.


Check out his calendar to see when he is coming to a city near you and for local Portland workshops.


And if you are a promoter interested in booking Doug, contact him to check availability!





Please support these conventions that support Doug:


Bal-Aska - Anchorage, AK

Blues Bellingham - Bellingham, WA

Boston Tea Party - Boston, MA

BridgeTown Swing - Portland, OR

Chicago Classic - Chicago, IL

Colorado Country Classic - Denver, CO

Michigan Dance Classic - Detroit, MI

Portland Dance Festival - Portland, OR

Sacramento All Swing - Sacramento, CA

Sea To Sky Dance - Seattle, WA

SO Swing - Ashland, OR

Spotlight Dance Celebration - Detroit, MI

Swing Dance America - Lake Geneva, WI

Swingtacular: The Galactic Open - San Francisco, CA

Sweetheart Jamboree - Bellevue, WA

Sweetheart Swing Dance Classic - Tampa, FL

Swingtimate - Gold Coast, Australia

Tampa Bay Classic - Tampa, FL

USA Grand Nationals - Atlanta, GA

Country Dance World Championships (UCWDC) - Nashville, TN




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