Doug is available to dance in Pro-Am Strictly Swings at any of the conventions that he attends.


A Pro-Am Division is where a Dance Professional dances with an Amateur/Student. These are usually 1-3 songs (3-6 minutes) of dancing where the student is judged. Dancing Pro-Ams with Doug is a great way to better your competitive and social dancing!


• If you are a regular private lesson student, there is no floor fee for a Strictly Pro-Am dance.


• If you are not a regular private lesson student, you can choose to take a private coaching session prior to the Pro-Am

or pay a $30 floor fee.


• Prize moneys from competitions are split between the Pro and the Am.


Welcome, my ProAm Strictly Competitors!


Angela Hoffman

Bambi Blackburn

Betsy Snyder

Bruce Gombrelli

Chris On

Clarise Okwach

Dale Buchanan

Ed Preble

Elgin Santos

Janet Smith

Julie Jacobson

Kali Crume

Karen Larson

Linda Stewart

Linwood Parker

Mary Harris

Nikhil Shahi

Patti Henry

Quinn Kloppenburg

Stephanie Gombrelli

Steve Klein

Tiffany Herbert

Tim Hoffman

Victoria Halseth


Pro-Am Classic Division


This is a popular division at many events. Pro-Am Classic is a routine division for in the Pro-Am category.

Prep time for a Pro-Am Classic is a minimum 3 months of work. Choreography rates and music cutting rates apply. There is no floor fee for Pro-Am Classic divisions. Prize moneys from competitions are split between the Pro and the Am. Division and costuming fees are the responsibility of the Amateur.


Certain events limit the number of Pro-Am Classic routines that Professionals can dance. For example, the US Open Swing Dance Championship limits Professionals to 3 routines.


Congrats to our 2014 ProAm Classic Competitors - amazing job on your routines!

Nikhil Shahi

Betsy Snyder

Clarise Okwach


Welcome, our 2015 ProAm Classic Competitors!

Patti Henry


To inquire about Pro-Am Classic Division dancing, contact us.

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