Doug has an instructional video library with over 100 DVD titles to help you learn everything you need to know about swing dancing!


Titles, all available online at www.SwingDanceStuff.com, are divided into dance categories and then even more specifically into categories of: Technique, Styling, Moves, Basics, and more!


Some of the best selling videos in his line include:


Technique Videos:   Private Lesson in a Box (Volumes 1-3 currently available)


Styling Videos:  • Sweet & Sexy Stylings for Followers (Vol 1-3) • Pimp My WCS (Vol. 1-5)


Patterns Videos:  6 Count Variations. (Vol. 1-6) • 8 Count Variations (Vol. 1-3)


Advanced Videos:  Signature Moves Series


Doug was the first Lindy Hop instructor to put out DVDs instead of VHS (remember those days?), and he is proud to be the first partner-dance instructor to release an App for the Apple and Android markets.


New release: The Siltons Dance App is available (free download) for Apple and Android. Videos are available for purchase and download.

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